Termite Repairs

When your home or other building is infested with termites, it’s important to act quickly, to prevent the spread of destruction that may lead to tens of thousands of dollars in structural damage, if left unchecked. Termite infestation can spread quickly, and can cause floors, decks and ceilings to literally cave in. In less than 24 months, a termite colony can cause major structural damage to your home or building.

Your Accurate Termite & Pest Control Inspector will provide not only a detailed termite inspection report of your home’s termite infested areas, but they will also present a professional treatment plan.termite control gardena ca

The next step is to eradicate the live termites, by means of either local termite treatment, or fumigation.

Once termites have been destroyed, it is critical to repair damaged areas, and to replace any soft or rotted wood (this type of wood will continue to attract termites).

At Accurate Termite & Pest Control, we are more than a pest control company; we are licensed general contractors who fully understand how to restore your home to its original beauty and structural integrity. All of our work is backed by a service warranty.