About Your Termite Inspection

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Here’s what to expect after scheduling your termite inspection on termitepro.us:

Our knowledgeable Accurate Termite & Pest Control inspector will arrive within the time frame you chose on our easy, online scheduling tool. Just let us know if you’d like your inspector to call when they are nearing your property.

Properties vary in size, but the average home or business can expect their inspection to take less than two hours. For larger structures, commercial properties or multi-unit dwellings, the termite inspection will take longer, or may be divided into more than one visit.

Please be ready to give your termite inspector access to all areas of the home, including basements, storage areas, roofs, decks, attics, parking areas, etc.

Your termite inspector will take into account several variables, including the condition of wood structures, beams and fascia, evidence of current or past termite infestation, and conditions such as soft or rotted wood that have high potential for termite activity. Photos and extensive notes from the termite inspection are used to prepare your termite inspection report.

Sometimes, property owners are surprised to find out they did not have termites, but rather, another type of wood-boring insect, such as carpenter bees / ants.

Your termite inspection report will include costs for both termite treatment, as well as the repair of termite-damaged or rotted wood. termite inspections

We perform termite inspection, termite treatment, and all necessary repairs for private homes, apartment complexes and condominium associations, and commercial buildings. We are also a great choice for necessary Real Estate termite inspection reports, as we truly understand how critical timely inspection, reporting and repair work is to a real estate transaction.

Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding the results of your termite report. And online scheduling has never been easier.




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