Local Termite Treatment

termite treatment

When we discuss Termite Treatment, the two main options are either Local or Fumigation. Of course, at Accurate Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in both.

What is Fumigation?

Termite Fumigation typically is reserved for more severe termite infestations, and hard-to-reach infestations throughout a building’s infrastructure. Fumigation treats the entire building.

Local Termite Treatment

A vast majority of termite infestation problems can be handled by local treatment. Local termite treatment involves locating termite-infested areas, and directly applying an appropriate pesticide for the location. Local termite treatment is just as effective as complete building fumigation, the only difference is the application method and area covered.

What Type of Products Do We Use?

Fortunately, there have been great advancements in termite treatment options over the years. Products such Fipronil (active ingredient in Termidor products) and Boron are highly effective. We choose products based on the level of infestation, type of location, as well as according to your needs.

Accurate Termite & Pest Control strictly utilizes only pest control products that a.) are proven to have high efficacy levels, and b.) have been approved for use in commercial, residential, and healthcare buildings. Our personnel are highly-trained to use termite treatment products specifically according to manufacturer recommendations, so you can feel confident in our termite treatment procedures. Above all, we make sure you’re your family members, family pets, staff and customers are never exposed to termite treatment chemicals.

Accurate Termite’s Guarantee

All treatments for termites are performed by Accurate Termite & Pest Control always come with a complete satisfaction and service warranty.